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Reach UI uses the native UGUI slider as a base, but we’ve added some cool features to it.

Saving Data

You can save the slider value by enabling the ‘Save Value’ option. Note that each slider must have its own unique ‘Save Key’ value. Otherwise, there may be conflict(s) between the sliders.


					using UnityEngine;
using Michsky.UI.Reach; // Reach UI namespace

public class SampleClass : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] private SliderManager mySlider;

    void Start()
        // Set the current value
        mySlider.mainSlider.value = 50;

        // Set the min and max value
        mySlider.mainSlider.minValue = 0;
        mySlider.mainSlider.maxValue = 100;

        // Rounds the given value to the label
        mySlider.useRoundValue = false;

        // Adds percentage indicator
        mySlider.usePercent = false;

        // Add progress bar events

    void TestFunction(float value)
        Debug.Log("Current value: " + value.ToString());