Music Player

Functional music player app which supports essential player features, including playlists, shuffle, repeat and so on.


Music Player app depends on its manager and scriptable objects. It supports multiple playlists which you can manage by using the manager. You can add new music by using Tools > DreamOS > Show Music Playlists. All of the playlists and their items will be generated at runtime. Items can be edited by selecting and opening the main prefab from Managers > Music Player > Resources tab.

API / Scripting

using Michsky.DreamOS; // namespace

public MusicPlayerManager musicPlayer; // Your mp variable

void YourFunction()
   musicPlayer.PlayMusic(); // Start playback
   musicPlayer.PauseMusic(); // Pause playback
   musicPlayer.StopMusic(); // Stop playback
   musicPlayer.MuteMusic(); // Mute or unmute audio
   musicPlayer.NextTitle(); // Next track from the current playlist
   musicPlayer.PrevTitle(); // Next track from the current playlist
   musicPlayer.PlayCustomMusic(index); // Play specific music from the current playlist
   musicPlayer.PlayCustomClip(audioClip, spriteCover, "name", "author"); // Play specific track
   musicPlayer.shuffle = true; // Change shuffle state
   musicPlayer.repeat = false; // Change repeat state
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